About the man himself...

I currently work as an Enterprise Web Developer for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  I'm an experienced web designer and programmer specializing in ASP.net and C# for both the finance and pharmaceutical industries. In May 2003, I graduated Cum Laude with additional Honors in Computer Science from the Computer Science program at Rutgers College, Rutgers University. In addition to studying Computer Science, I also double minored in Psychology and Cognitive Science and am an alum of the General Honors Program. I am also a Gokyu in the Dan Zan Ryu style of Jujitsu at Rutgers Kodenkan.

My Skills

  • Web development and multi-tier/distributed systems
  • Languages: C#, ASP.net, PL/SQL, JavaScript, CSS, Java, JSP, VB
  • Technologies:  GUI design,  Windows services, Web services, WCF, AJAX, networking
  • COTS product/technology research, testing, experimentation, and analysis
  • Experience developing and validating FDA regulated systems
  • Over 10 years web design/publishing experience

My Other Web Properties